Sunday, June 10, 2007


I have gone 51 miles so far. only 5,949 miles too go. I have mainly just rode my GF Wahoo to work and back. I did go for a 13 miler down too the Perrine bridge and aroundSE Twin Falls. I have rode my bike every day except for the 2 days I was at my daughters home.

My schedule is messed up this week. I hope to put in some large mileage days. If I had a road bike I could do a lot more miles but my stock 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo is not the fastest on paved road but it more than does the job. It is versatile.

I've been researching a lot of Fisher bikes. I would love get the Gary Fisher HiFi. I would ride that more on trails and keep my wahoo for around town.

Not a of Fisher bikes in this area. A lot of Walmart bikes. I have seen an old Norco hardtail and a couple of Specialized. I know their are more bikes in this area but I really don't see many. A lot more bike riders up in the Pocatello area.

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