Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo-My Wahoo History

This is my first non-Wal-mart mountain bike. I have been very happy with it. I bought it from Scotts Ski and Sports in Pocatello Idaho. I put it on lay-away and picked it up for about$350.00 When I took it off of lay away I also had a computer added too it so I could track my mileage and speed.

I never test rode my Wahoo. I simply sat on it in the store. The day that I actually picked it up I did not even know how to downshift. I left the bike shop to pedal home and kept shifting up and when I went to downshift I had too pull over and look at the bike to figure out how. It was real simple. I now love trigger shifters and will NEVER EVER buy a bike that has "grip shifts" or "twist shifts".

A real brief break down of my wahoo. I bought it and put about 250 miles on it. I moved to Twin Falls and left the bike with my mom. She put about 250 miles on it. She brought the bike up too Twin Falls for me and I have put almost another 250 miles on it in 2 months.

How many miles will this Wahoo last me? This pic is Exactly like my Wahoo but it is not my actual bike. I don't have a digital camera yet but when I get one I will post some pics of it.

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