Tuesday, May 29, 2007

6000 Miles and 91 pounds

I weigh 291 pounds as of this post. I will start june 1st and ride a total of 6000 miles in total. This will be around town, to work and back, and playing just around on my bike. I figure that at my weight I burn approximately 500 calories an hour by averaging 10 miles per hour overall. With 3500 calories to a pound I will lose a pound for every 7 hours on the bike or 1 pound of lossed weight per 70 miles rode. This is rough math and takes into account an average speed of 10 miles an hour.

I know my math is rough and I am not going into get checked out by a doctor before I begin. Iwill also be using a mountain bike instead of a road bike for now. It's all I have. I have been riding almost daily for the past month and half. I wanna "kick it up a notch".

My goals simplified are
* Too ride my bicycle a total of 6000 miles beginning June 1st 2007
* Too lose fat and Get too a weight of 200-215
* Too Quit smoking

I will be averaging about 10 miles an hour since I have a slow rolling MOuntain Bike. Good for the single track but the tires and weight of my bike are not designed for FLoyd Landis speeds on pavement. Eventually I may get a different bike but for now my bike is the 2004 Gary Fisher Wahoo. Yellow and black with the v-brakes. I will punish this bike with all of the urban miles I will be putting on it. So far this bike has more than paid for itself but I am now taking this too a whole new level.

I riding tomorrow and the day after but my actual miles towards 6000 will begin on june 1st.

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